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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Convergence Quilt

I was going to be part of a sew along a couple of months ago with Tonya Owens from I had trouble keeping my right foot on the sewing machine pedal until it finally occurred to me Just glue down your shoe.  By golly it worked.   Then I placed  the foot pedal so it could not slide away from me and I was sewing again.  I have been struggling with sewing by machine for sometime.  I wonder if DMV would let me glue my shoe to the gas pedal in the kidding.
Once I could sew I got out my Ricky Tims" book and started to choose the fabric.  I wanted it to be joyous and colorful to match my mood.   And perhaps like a garden going into fall. 

I can't explain the full process here you will have to get the book to follow along.  I got my copy from   Have I told you all yet how much I like our Amazon prime membership?   

And so the Convergence began.

 And went on and on.

 Next time will use more spray starch and less than 1/4 "'ll see if you do one.  Then I did pin and pin.  Maybe because I am from a pinning generation.

Finally first stage done.  Tomorrow will blog on about  the squaring and the border and the applique.  Also about a traveling stash.  Other projects in the making is the EPP ongoing quilt and a Wonky I Spy quilt for a 3 year old for Christmas.  Come with me on this journey

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The Slow Quilter said...

I did one of those abou 4 years ago and have when waiting to quilt and bind it. Hmmm, guess I dig it out and finish it, might even do another one.